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The learning outcomes specifically associated with this eLearning course are the ability to: 

  • Identify the hazards of the magnetic field, zoning, and safety protocols
  • Describe the MR process in terms of patient comfort and safety
  • Order imaging safely and appropriately, with awareness of its diagnostic uses, alternative techniques, guidelines and policies
  • Screen patients to ensure they can be safely scanned, and effectively self-screen
  • Understand the guidance and policies of HMC in relation to MR safety
  • Prepare and position patients to reduce the risk of adverse events, including radiofrequency burns
  • Respond to patient feedback to monitor their comfort, temperature and avoid peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Recognise when it is not safe to scan a patient who has been referred to you
  • Know what to do in an emergency, including Incident reporting/OVA 
  • Communicate effectively with patients to identify potential hazards and prepare them for the MRI procedure

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