In this course you will explore the HMC Sepsis Care Pathway through a number of different patient scenarios. The pathway seeks to establish a standardized, diagnostic process across HMC to identify, manage and escalate the care of patients clinically suspected or diagnosed of sepsis.

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The learning outcomes specifically associated with this eLearning course are the ability to: 

  • Distinguish between terms and concepts relevant to the management of sepsis such as sepsis and septic shock
  • Understand the importance of early recognition and timely intervention in the care of patients with sepsis
  • Describe the three components of the pathway: recognize, resuscitate and refer.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities involved in the pathway and the care of a patient with sepsis
  • Explain why effective communication and teamwork are crucial to the successful application of the sepsis care pathway 
  • Outline the goals of the HMC sepsis program

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